March 07, 2007

Blogger no longer in beta, they say..

Ok, I wasn't even aware that it ever was in beta :) Oh well.. So I upgraded my blog to the new non-beta Blogger, and it seems like quite the same. Only, now I sign in with Google account instead. Google bought yet another successful internet firm :) Good for you!

And about all that money you got ther, Google, if you need a hand getting rid of them, let me know and I'll help you spend some of it! (got some student loan, and soon some home loan that is subject to your funding :)

Anyway, blogging is fun.. But why bother when no one reads it, and why would anybody read it when I write so seldom and about nothing useful.. ??

Well, whatever.. I'll just keep blogging and we'll see what happens..


PS: To .. I clicked the "Flag blog" button, not realizing what it was, so if you see this, just ignore my flagging ;)
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