April 14, 2008

ICE modem (D-50) on Mac OS X Leopard

As I just tried to install the D-50 CDMA modem from NMT (http://www.nmt.no) I ran into a few problems.

Good news; Installation of the actual driver went perfectly well.
Bad news; My MacBook froze after reboot (the reboot was probably not necessary, though)
More bad news; After opening System Preferences, the installation guide was not even close to what I saw.
More good news; However, here's what you do to make it work;

1. Open System Preferences
2. Click Network under Internet and Network
3. Select in the list to the left the entry that looks most like the modem (the one with a phone)
4. Add phone and username / password as described in installation guide (ok, this part was pretty close)
5. Click Advanced
6. Select the Modem tab
7. Select Vendor -> Franklin
7. Select Model -> CDMA
8. Click OK
9. Click Apply
10. Click Connect

Now you should be online!

This post is written while using ICE-modem for internet connection.

Good luck!
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