August 03, 2008

First day in Tokyo, Japan

A couple of days ago, I was told that I was likely to have work-related travel to Tokyo, Japan. Kind as I am, I gently accpeted (read: was very, very happy). It has always been a dream to visit the high-tech country from which all that is good comes from! So, I booked the flight and the hotel, and I am now in Royal Park Shiodome Tower, with some Japanese brew and and a snack I don't know what is..

I have just finished a lambstew, with vegetables and rice, and I'm on my way out to take a look around.

Anyway, I thought I should share my view on Japan (literally) and so, here is a few pictures.

View from my room in the 30th floor

More of the view from my room (center of picture; Tokyo Tower)

View from restaurant at the 24th floor
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