August 10, 2008

Last day = Shopping spree!

This is my last day here in Tokyo, so I have to do all my shopping now! After a night in Roppongi and Shibuya, my body and mind are telling me to stay in bed, but I have seen to many nice things to go home empty handed.

So I went back to Shinjuku and Akihabara to buy some nice cloths (including two Kimonos!) and electronic articles. I find the prices here to be most pleasing, as they are about 60% of the Norwegian ones!

There was one exception though; I wanted to buy a video camera, but Japan is using NTSC and Europe is using PAL.. And then there's the language; my Japanese is far from fluent (read: absent). The domestic versions where all NTSC and Japanese, except Canon's that has English menues. But without PAL I'm not buying. To satisfy my needs I had to buy an international model, which of course cost 60% more.. Then the price difference was no longer worth the hassle of a potensial warranty problem, sending the camera back for repairs etc.

Anyway, digital still pictue cameras are easier to find as only English menu is important. So I picked up a few slim ones.

And now my headache is starting to wear off.. Finally! I still recommend Roppongi, though

All together, this week has been awsome, and more pictures will come (in better quality).

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