August 06, 2008

Tokyo and the clean spot

After four days in Tokyo there are a few things I noticed;
  • everything is very high-tech
  • everybody is extremely polite
  • everyone is very busy
  • nobody speaks English (ok, some do)
  • everything is very clean
And, amazingly enough, it's that last bullet I'll talk about in this post. Because, the first thing I noticed was how few garbage cans there where on the airport (Narita), and yet, there was no garbage around.. And out on the streets, there's not a leaf on the road. There's not even any graffiti on the walls! Well, there was one, but that was Hello Kitty, so I'll let that one pass.

Then I came to my hotel (clean and nice as most hotels), and after 12 hours on a plane, I felt the need to go.. I thought I noticed something different about the toilet, but I just figured it was a Japanese design; and that it was. Quite different from what I first imaginged though; the toilet had a control panel on the side, and the ring was preheated. Very nice indeed! It also had a, dear I say interesting, feature for the rear...

However, even when you design a fancy toilet with preheated seat and adjustable tushiwash (that's right), you have to think about the consequenses of misuse and/or malfunctioning!! Personally I don't think putting up a sticker with a warning; "To reduce the risk of electrocution or fire, do not splash water (or urin) on the main unit, control panel or power box.". Is it just me or is something terrible wrong here? "To reduce the risk of electrocution..."

Time for some toilet pictures;

The toilet with soft close lid, preheated seat and a sprinkler (two actually) for your behind (with adjustable pressure).

The control panel from which all good comes.

This is when the engineers should hear the bells ringing.. If you have a problem with people getting electrocuted, it is time to find a solution to remove it, not reduce it..

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