October 24, 2008

Still Alive

Inspired by playing Portal on my xbox yesterday, I realized it was time for another post just to say I'm still alive!

I'm currently looking into Android (of course, who isn't) to see if I can make something fun with it. I've only just started, but the Hello, Android app is running. I guess I will see if I can make some time to write a useful application too. I don't really know what that should be, but I have some ideas. My guess is that you will see them here in not so long.

Another thing I'm looking into is LWUIT, the LightWeight User Interface Toolkit from SUN. This is very interesting as the user interface included as standard JavaME is butt-ugly and varies alot from vendor to vendor. Writing an application with LWUIT will/should ensure that it looks the same on all devices. In addition, there's an extra bonus of portability by using LWUIT. The only device specific class is the Display class, which instantiates LWUIT with Display.init(MIDlet). The rest can be written independently of JavaME, and thus moving to, say, Android (or Nokia N810) should be a matter of replacing the Display class with one deisgned for the target platform. As you understand by now, LWUIT (that's the last time you'll see LWUIT in this post, excluding that last one) seems to be a great step for mobile application user interface development!

Until we meet again