April 09, 2010

keka - the free Mac OS X file archiver

I have been looking around to find a good alternative to Apple's Archive Utility.app, with no luck.. UnRarX.app is great for unpacking archives, but as the 7zip format is getting more popular, I have to look for alternatives. There are many free and licensed applications ready to do the work, but very few of them have that instant action feeling. There is always something that should be done different..

Anyway, some time ago I found this program, keko. It was after I had uninstalled all the different archiving applications and I needed to unzip a 7z-file. I went to http://www.7-zip.org, hoping to find a new and improved version of whatever OS X application I had used before, but there was a new addition in the list, that's right, keko.

First impressions are very good, key qualities are
  • fast
  • intuitive
  • covers all the common formats
Give it a try!