April 08, 2011

HD trailers in Front Row, revisited

As an owner of a TV bigger than my laptop screen, I need HD quality when watching trailers in Front Row. After upgrading (or reinstalling, I don't remember) to Snow Leopard 10.6.6, the Front Row Trailers preference pane did not work anymore. Then I checked the link for an updated version (from my previous post). The link however was dead, and so I needed to find another alternative.

Thanks to Michel Merx, I could find the answer in the comments of the site!

So for future reference, to allow HD trailers in Front Row on SL 10.6.6;

Open Terminal.app and enter (copy paste should work)

defaults write com.apple.frontrow EnableHDMovieTrailers TRUE && killall FrontRow

The && killall FrontRow will stop Front Row if it is already running.

Thank you Michel and the internett
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