August 22, 2013

Game submitted to Norwegian Game Awards

Wow, 2+ years since last post? Whatever..

Yesterday we (+Frank Paaske and my brother +John Edvard Reiten) submitted our game, SpaceCommandes (yes, that's a typo), to Norwegian Game Awards to participate in the contest for best (mobile) game of the year!

What we lack in story, graphics, design and overall game elements, we make up for in gameplay! You control a mech warrior with a gun and a jetpack. Controls are immensely simple and very responsive. The left and right virtual thumbsticks control walking/flying and aiming/shooting respectively.

The gameplay is quick, exciting and fun! Your objective is as simple as it is difficult: Kill the other mech(s) and stay away from their bullets. Damage is indicated with increasing transparency of your character, giving you an advantage if you manage to escape the attack and sneak up on the other player. When killed, you respawn instantly, ready to fight!

The game itself is a "modern retro", as we have used 8bit textures and music combined with a simple but modern mech. Textures (except the mech) from gfxlib, music by Eric Skiff, soundfx made with as3sfxr.

Checkout the screenshot below!

Work hard, play harder!